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PDE 2009
The 11th NASA-ESA Workshop on Product Data Exchange
was held at Boeing's Kent Space Center, 29 April - 1 May 2009
Boeing's Kent Space Center
Hosted by the Boeing Company
2009 Theme: Collaboration in a Heterogeneous World


The NASA/ESA Workshop on Product Data Exchange has also been known in previous years as "The STEP for Aerospace Workshop" and "The Aerospace Product Data Exchange (APDE) Workshop". For information and download of presentations from previous workshops, please visit

We continue to build on the heritage of ten highly successful annual workshops, alternating between the US and Europe. Over the years the workshop scope has evolved from focusing on a number of ISO 10303 / STEP (related) data exchange standards to a broad range of data exchange and data sharing technologies and standards that enable efficient and effective product life cycles (PLM) for complex systems and facilitate collaboration between organizations and disciplines.

The program will be similar to previous PDE workshops: an opening evening reception followed by three days of presentations, plenary keynotes and discussions, networking opportunities, and "birds of a feather" meetings. Further information regarding the program will be made available on the workshop website.




The workshop venue was:

Boeing Kent Space Center
20403 68th Avenue South
Kent, Washington 98032


Information concerning NASA/ESA PDE Workshops is distributed via the (low-volume, moderated) pde-announce mailing list. To subscribe please go to:


NASA and ESA Organizers

Hans-Peter de Koning ESA/ESTEC ESA General Chair
Farrokh Shoar NASA/JPL Communications Chair
Steve Waterbury NASA/GSFC NASA General Chair
Georg Siebes NASA/JPL Operations Chair

Advisory Panel

Greg Smith (Local Organizer) Boeing
Peter Denno NIST
Harald Eisenmann EADS Astrium
Keith Hunten Lockheed Martin
Russell Peak Georgia Tech


Committee Organizers / Local Organizer

Farrokh Shoar
Georg Siebes
Greg Smith - Local Organizer
Steve Waterbury


This is a partial listing of agencies, industrial partners, and academia who have participated in the PDE Workshops in past years.

  1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  2. European Space Agency (ESA)
  3. DoD
  4. CNES
  5. JAXA / ISAS
  6. Boeing
  7. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  8. Northrop Grumman
  9. Rockwell Collins
  10. Raytheon
  11. Airbus
  12. Mentor Graphics Corp
  13. C&R Technologies
  14. CostVision, Inc.
  15. CSTB
  17. EADS-Astrium
  18. EADS-ST
  19. Engineous S/W
  20. EuroSTEP American, Inc.
  21. Georgia Institute of Tech
  22. University of Michigan
  23. University of Illinois
  24. University of Manchester, UK
  25. HDF Group
  26. InterCAX
  27. Jotne EPM Technology
  28. KAIST
  29. Korea Adv Inst of Sci & Tech
  30. Kubotek USA
  31. Lascom
  32. LkSoft
  33. Maya Heat Transfer Tech
  34. Cadence Design System
  35. MSC Software
  36. NIST
  37. OpenCascade
  38. ProSTEP
  39. PTC
  40. SFM Technology, Inc.
  41. Siemens PLM Solution
  42. Simulation Strategies, Inc.
  43. Shell Global Solutions
  44. Tridsys
  45. Volvo Aero Corp.
  46. Xactium, UK
  47. Analytical Graphics
  48. TIBCO Software
  49. BMSTU
  50. PythonOCC